Youth and Yoga in Lamu

Dr. Sarah Hillewaert, an associate professor of anthropology at UTM. works on African language and culture as an undergraduate student in Belgium. While learning Swahili, Hillewaert and a friend decided to apply their knowledge by travelling to Kenya for three weeks. In Nairobi, she encountered youth living in slums and a new slan. See more

A First Language: More than words

This International Mother Language Day (Feb. 21), Canadians celebrated their multilingual heritage by recognizing flexible uses of languages. According to UNESCO, “Mother tongue or mother language refers to a child’s first language, the language learned in the home from older family members.” As a linguistic anthropologist who studies language use in diverse communities, . See more

The Tweety Bird Test

One Saturday morning, perhaps as late as the fall of 1980, professor David McNeill met with graduate student Elena Levy at his University of Chicago linguistics lab to watch cartoons. They were selecting a stimulus for a study. It needed to appeal to both children and adults. And it needed to be mostly non-verbal. Saturday morning cartoons seemed like natural candidates. See more

Evolution of the Shrug Emoji

In today’s over-saturated media climate, the shruggie has taken on a more rueful tone. To understand how we got to the memoji present, it’s worth rewinding to the emoticon past. In 1982, Carnegie Mellon University computer science professor Scott Fahlman was the first to use the 🙂 and 🙁 in a posting to the university’s online bulletin board. See more

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GLOCAL, The Global Committee on Anthropological Linguistics, at SOAS, University of London is a committee steering annual conferences, publications, and media, as well as research on Linguistic Anthropology for respective regions globally.

The GLOCAL supports Linguistic Anthropology in academic and social sectors and provides grants for students with exceptional work, as well as assistance for research on multiple levels. GLOCAL was initially developed in 2010 through efforts to increase knowledge of Linguistic and Cultural Anthropology, and Language and Society.

The GLOCAL committee comprises scholars from all global regions, each of whom has focus on a specific locality and its Linguistic Anthropology.


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