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Shivam Dwivedi (IIT BHU)
Sanjukta Ghosh (IIT BHU)
Abstract ID: 410
Topic: Language Documentation
General Session Papers
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Depth and accuracy of linguistic analysis decides the course of successful application of linguistic tools. When it comes to Indian languages, morphological analysis plays a crucial role, as most of the information is encoded at this level only (Akshar Bharati, Vineet Chaitanya, Rajeev Sangal and K. V. Ramakrishnamacharyulu 1995).

Verb is the most crucial category in parts of speech. Relation of a verb with other constituents of the sentences can be encoded in various manners. And notoriously enough, same verb can act differently in different environments. For example:

● Transitivity alternation: An intransitive verb can become transitive and vice versa in the process of passivization and causativization.

rohana nahātā hai.
rohana bacce ko nahalātā hai.
rohana sohana se bacce ko nahalavātā hai.

● Diathesis alternation: Depending on the context, number of mandatory arguments can decrease and increase.

śaśāṃka ko kitāba milī.
śaśāṃka ko rohana se kitāba milī.

● Multiple senses: A verb, just like words of other POS categories can have multiple senses in different contexts.

rajata ghara ātā hai.
rajata ko saṃskṛta ātī hai.

Since the last two decades, VerbFrames have been playing a major role in linguistic analysis. Especially for the Indian languages, they serve the purpose perfectly by bridging the gap between morphological and syntactic levels. Used jointly with Paninian dependency grammar framework, Verb Frames can be very helpful in linguistic analysis and generation (Rafiya Begum, Samar Husain, Lakshmi Bai and Dipti Misra Sharma 2008).

The aim of this work is to explore verb frames and their classification in Hindi especially in terms of arguments’ nature as well as their semantic properties. Apart from this, another target is to create valuable resources for Hindi in terms of verb frames that may be helpful for research and NLP applications as well as for pedagogy purpose.

Keywords: Hindi, Verb Frames, Verb Framator