The abstract and proposal review process for GLOCAL conferences is stringent, where the review committee comprises prominent academics working in the fields of Linguistic Anthropology, Linguistics, Anthropology, Sociology, Cultural Studies, and Language and Society. The process is multi stage, and ensures that contributors are assisted, that the assessment of abstracts and proposals is of a high level, and that the abstracts accepted are relevant to the field of Linguistic Anthropology and the conference theme, while accepted contributions are beneficial and informative for GLOCAL conference participants and audiences in general.  The below procedure is rigid, and will not be compromised through requests to arrange the review process in another way.


Authors submit abstracts and proposals through The GLOCAL review system.


The abstracts are reviewed for relevance to The GLOCAL conferences.


For abstracts that pass Stage 2, language and style are revised and these revisions are sent back to authors for their consideration.


Following Stage 3, abstracts and proposals are submitted to the main review committee for review


Upon review and response by the review committee, authors are notified of whether the abstract or proposal has been accepted, rejected, or requires revision.


Authors respond to the review committee’s decision and act accordingly. This may be a light or strong revision, and hence resubmission.


Abstracts and proposals are resubmitted to the review process for a second and usually a final review.


Review outcomes are given to the authors. Upon successful acceptance of the final version of the abstract or proposal, authors are notified of their success, and can proceed to registration.