The Authority of the Zawiya Chiefs: Representations of the Visitors and their Practices in Relation to the Manuscript of Brayats Es Sheikh El Bashir (Mascara)-Algeria

Author: Benali Nacera (University of Mustapha Stamboli, Mascara- Algeria)
Speaker: Benali Nacera
Topic: Text, Context, Entextualization
The (SCOPUS / ISI) GLOCAL AFALA 2023 General Session


The importanes of the study is its focusing of the role and position of the Zaouia Sheikh in the social structures. And their power continues even after their Deaths. because the sheikh constitutes a real power in the society and he plays a role in the movement and the change of the society. Here we ask ourselves the question : How to achieve this allegiance and by what means?

We think the sheikh’s letter is the best way to fulfill this aum and to understand a lot of people’s representations which are transmitted from generation to generation. The letter constitutes a ritual in the society. In order to clarify all what we have said we are going to deal with the sheikh’s letter. Indeed it shows the social problems that everybody knows and tribal thinking is dominating the State.

Keywords: power, Zaouia , rituel, the letter,Representation, Patriarchal system