The use of Proverbs and Taboos as a Means to Forster Interciltural Communication among the Chrambo Speakers

Author: Mbu Martha Njui (University of Maroua, Cameroon)
Speaker: Mbu Martha Njui
Topic: Anthropological Linguistics
The (SCOPUS / ISI) GLOCAL AFALA 2023 General Session


This paper exploits and analysis the sermatic features that taboos and Proverbs procure in Chrambo, a Bantoid language spoken in the North West region of Cameroon.It also demonstrates the moral and communicative wits embedded in these art of discuss. Data for this work has been collected from both primary and secondary sources.The speech act theory is used as a basis for our analysis. The findings reveal that proverbs and taboos as used by the speakers of Chrambo are characterised by linguistic features such as: mataphors, similes, ironies, ellipses and euphemisms. Beside the above, we also discovered that Proverbs are often used by the old to advice, teach, confort in times of disstress, warn or causion the younger once of the dangers of life and vanity. The younger generationon their part rather prefer taboos as a means to express their glivances and discontent on some cultural norms. This research paper will help to renforce communication ties between the old and the young generation in the Chrambo speaking community. It will egually act as a refrence document to other reseachers. Finally it will help in promoting preserving the rich culrual values of the Chrambo language community.

Keywords: Proverbs, intended meaning, Taboos, Chrambo, linguisti features