At present, many such projects are ongoing, where the construction of hydro electric dams endanger local communities, not least of which are the indigenous communities in regions, for example, Brazil in South America. The Brazilian government has sought to flood the historic lands of the Sawré Muybu community. Yet the community is fighting back, to stop the $9.9 billion dam project on the River Tapajós.

The community first met outsiders in the mid to late 20th century, at which time it had a  peculiar blend of ancient and current influences. The people continue to live as hunters as gatherers, The men in the community dress in modern clothing, and the people have modern technology, and watch modern media on their devices. Similarly, the community has an avid appreciation for modern media and sport. 

The tribe has a vivid sense of humor, and tends to see the irony in much of their surroundings, and in particular, their social surroundings. This becomes apparent in their interactions with those from outside of their community, including those who are interested in meeting the community. Yet, outsiders quickly realize that the language and culture of the community is quite rare and the struggle to sustain heriate and language is evident.