Language and (inter)cultural socialization in study abroad contexts

Author: Jane Jackson, Tongle Sun (Chinese University Of Hong Kong)
Sin Yu (Cherry) Chan (Hong Kong Shue Yan University)
Speaker: Jane Jackson, Tongle Sun, Sin Yu (Cherry) Chan
Topic: Language socialization
The (SCOPUS / ISI) SOAS GLOCAL CALA 2019 Colloquium Session


Students who participate in a study abroad program are naturally exposed to new ‘ways of being’ (e.g., unfamiliar linguistic and cultural practices) and as they adjust to the host environment, they may experience acculturative stress and identity confusion. To better understand the challenges facing second language sojourners, applied linguists in various parts of the world are conducting introspective studies that seek to identify and make sense of factors that can influence second language socialization and sojourn outcomes (e.g., language proficiency gains, intercultural competence development). Their work is providing much-needed direction for pedagogical interventions in study abroad programmes (e.g., pre-departure orientations, language and intercultural transition courses). This, in turn, is helping institutions of higher education meet their internationalization goals. After explaining contemporary notions of second language socialization/acculturation and poststructuralist perspectives on identity, this colloquium presents the key findings of three mixed-method, largely qualitative, longitudinal studies that investigated the language socialization and identity reconstruction of participants in various short-term study abroad programs.