The Study of Intertextuality on Novel Entitled a very Yuppy Wedding and Divortiare by Ika Natassa

Author: Zahria Farlydia Farikhin (Literature and Cultural Studies. Faculty of Humanity, Airlangga University, Indonesia)
Speaker: Zahria Farlydia Farikhin
Topic: Text, Context, Entextualization
CALA 2020 Poster Session


This research describes intertextuality in the novels A Very Yuppy Wedding and Divortiare, by Ika Natassa. This research employs a descriptive qualitative approach. The research thus aims to indicate how the narratives mirror each other.

The results of the data analysis include that the themes exhibit significant similarity. These themes include love, friendship, and family. The figures and characterization in the novels also exhibit high similarity, as diligent in work and relationships. In both novels, the main characters are women and use first person points of view. However, the novel plots differ, that is novel Divortiare creates a flash-back plot and A Verry Yuppy Wedding showcases a progressive plot.

Keywords: intertextuality research, a very yuppy wedding, divortiare.