The phenonmenon of creating new lyrics for traditional music to broadcast on mass media in Vietnam

Author: Kieu Trung Son (Vietnamese Association of Folklorists)
Speaker: Kieu Trung Son
Topic: Linguistic Anthropology
The (SCOPUS / ISI) SOAS GLOCAL CALA 2019 General Session


The phenomenon of creating new lyrics for folk songs provides an interesting combination between the two fields of linguistics and ethnomusicology (or performing arts) and is highly applicable for life in Vietnam.

This research aims at the meaning of choosing folk melodies to express language and to express an ideological content. Based on the thesis of linguistic anthropology, considering language to be a reflection of the human being, this study considers the choice of the way language is transmitted as part of that reflection. To conduct this study, we will look at the Voice of Vietnam Radio. From the material found, the number, content, purpose, context analysis and frequency of creating new lyrics for folk songs were broadcast during the history of anti-American war to date.

The results of the study indicate that language has a number of ways of expressing each of its strengths and cultural and social meanings. This research refers to an innovation in the use of familiar folk melodies to express and promote language content in Vietnam that has been applied effectively in the mass media.

Keywords: Creation of new lyrics for folk songs; Linguistic anthropology and performing arts; Mass media