Impact of Linguistic Culture on Camera Eye which Reinforce Patriarchy: Beauty of Women is commercialized through language and cultural Image

Author: Zobaida Akhter (University of Malaya)
Speaker: Zobaida Akhter
Topic: Language, Gender, and Sexuality
The (SCOPUS / ISI) SOAS GLOCAL CALA 2019 General Session


The presentation explores the perception of society regarding beauty of a woman. The notion of beauty in Bangladesh is becoming very much subjective and increasing the degree of degradation for women in measuring beauty. Sometimes this judgment becomes so dominant that the capability, intellectuality and education of women are undermined by the misconception of beauty. The aim of this presentation is to measure the factors which shape people’s perception towards the beauty of women. Instead of women’s dignity, education and empowerment, they are using women as an object to be commercialized by using the language. At present in Bangladesh, Camera eyes becoming the voice of patriarchy, which reinforce women confinement within beauty. Bangladeshi women are being trapped in the false notion of beauty which is affecting marriage market and corporate world. The presentation will focus on the definition of the beauty of women from linguistic perspective and will come to the conclusion of subjective idealism- beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. Sometimes Asian languages establish the false belief that culture permits the beauty of a woman rather than her empowerment. The presentation will try to conclude by saying that language is one of the strongest vehicles which could establish either gender discrimination or gender balance.

Keywords: Women, Bangladesh, Beauty, Discourse, Language, Idealism