The Problems of Adolescent Girls

Author: Manjula Dwivedi (State university)
Speaker: Manjula Dwivedi
Topic: Applied sociolinguistics
The (SCOPUS / ISI) SOAS GLOCAL CALA 2019 General Session


The age between 12-21 years is defined as “adolescent” age. This is not a mere span of few years, but a transformation from childhood to adulthood. The developments are multifold, encompassing sexual transformation, including changes in genitalia, body and hormones, apart from psychological and physiological ones. Their ego gets shaped to take violent turns, which mostly get fuelled in hot pots of environment, societal and genetic mileau.

The problems that we need to understand is their perplexed behaviour,that is in ever discovering stage, a discovery of love in opposite sex, a discovery of attention, a discovery of more comfortable company where she gets a vent for her problems.This is more rightly called the ‘juvenile’ stage which is highly vulnerable in the sense that at this stage if they are not given proper attention, it becomes dangerous for them as they start opting for wrong paths like drug abuse, pornography, rude attitude, etc which sometimes even may lead to committing suicides.

The reality of this behaviour is that they want to live in euphoria, they consider themselves as mature, and thus start planning their lives with the boys of their choice to be their future spouse. They even find their age to be apt for smoking/biking /hiking/taking mature decisions, which actually is immature. Hence they are not taken seriously neither at homes nor at schools.

Parents shy away talking about sexuality with them, so the problems remain unaddressed. At school, they become victim of their frustrated teachers, this multiplies their problems. Their issues thus remain crushed.

An experiment done by Hall shows three variables:

    1. Independent variable.
    2. Interveinning variable.
    3. Dependent variable.

Parallely they have three forms,

    1. Stimulus
    2. Adolecent
    3. Response/Reaction

So it is needed by the parents, siblings, school teachers etc to communicate with them properly to share their own experiences, which they themselves went through, to not let the adolescent in question suffer the same problems.

In fact, Government of India is presently focusing highly on the development of juveniles, by following the UN bracket of age as their age determinant. There are provisions of juvenile homes as a scope of their improvement, in case they commit some mistakes or crimes.