Design Rubric on Assessment

Author: Nguyen Thi Hong Chuyen (Thai Nguyen University)
Speaker: Nguyen Thi Hong Chuyen
Topic: Language Pedagogies
The (SCOPUS / ISI) SOAS GLOCAL CALA 2019 General Session


Assessment and testing policy has taken a central role in education in Asia for several decades now. The huge number of test takers have thus required the industry to develop multiple frameworks, testing systems, and rubrics to deal with this huge flow of these takers. consequently, design rubrics on assessment have become a central aspect to testing and education in general.

In this study, we observe these frameworks of assessment rubrics, across the spectrum of primary, secondary, tertiary, and lifelong education. For this, we ask the following questions: What is an assessment rubric? What are some of the benefits of rubrics on assessment? What are the role of rubrics in assessment of primary student’s competencies? What are the effective designs of rubrics to assess student’s competency in primary?

For this we have drawn from work on several contexts with regard to assessment design rubrics, and have aligned this data with a genre analysis to develop revised designed rubrics.

These rubrics will contribute to education as currently stronger assessment rubrics are very much in need.

Keywords: Assessment, Asia, Rubrics