The Forgotten Malay Folklore: Dissemination of Virtues in Animal Stories

Authors: Normaliza Abd Rahim, Nur Widad Roslan (Universiti Putra Malaysia )
Nur Maisarah Roslan (Al-Madinah University )
Siti Nur Aliaa Roslan(Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur )
Speaker: Normaliza Abd Rahim
Topic: Ethnography of Communication
The (SCOPUS / ISI) SOAS GLOCAL CALA 2020 General Session


This study focuses on Malay animal folklore in educational systems and hence among students in Malaysia. The objectives of the study include to identify and discuss two animal folklore stories namely; “The War between ants and elephants” and “Why do foxes eat the chicken?”. The sample set of the study consists of eight students. These subjects were exposed to narratives from these two stories for two weeks, and were asked to discuss the stories in a small group for a limited time. These discussions were documented and analysed by employing methods of analysis (Normaliza Abd Rahim 2018). Following Normaliza Abd Rahim, sixteen elements in communication strategies exist, usable in such an analysis of the narrative.

The study indicates that the subjects developed competence to employ most of these communication strategies in the discussion. The study also indicates that the subjects are were able identify virtues embodied within each of the two stories. These virtues include caring, loving, understanding, responsibility, and sharing, all locatable in the discussion. It is hoped that further studies will focus on other Malay animal folklore and narratives, to inform work within and across ethnic and cultural regions.

Keywords: Small group discussion; communication strategies; values