Anthology of Maguindanaon Folk Literature: Its Educational Possibilities

Author: Sambay P. Mla (Notre Dame University, U.S.A.)
Speaker: Sambay P. Mla
Topic: Ethnographical Language Work
The (SCOPUS / ISI) SOAS GLOCAL CALA 2020 General Session


Retrieval and preservation of literature is a significant area for research. Numerous studies have been made on Philippine literature. However, research on Maguindanaon folk literature is an area that is less explored.

This study embarks into the collection, translation and analysis of Maguindanaon folk literature. The study employed qualitative method using narrative research design. The participants of the study were Maguindanaon Taw sa Laya and Taw sa Ilud. The study generated 53 Maguindanaon items of folk literature from various genres namely palibasaan (proverbs), paantukan (riddles), sengal (folksongs) and tudtulan (folktales).

Analysis of the collected literary pieces revealed the Maguindanaon values of love of family, good leadership and good governance, honor, cunningness, determination, temperance, sense of direction, sense of protection, freedom, resiliency, fortitude, bravery, courage, tolerance, loyalty, humility, respect to the welfare of others, compliance to the six articles of faith, and faith and reverence to Allah (S.W.T.). The embedded cultural values in the Maguindanaon literary pieces render these as having significant potential as instructional materials that may be used in both lower and higher education, both locally and in global contexts.

Keywords: Ethnographical Language Work, Language, Community, Ethnicity