Socio Linguistic Reflections in Kaloji Writings

Author: Kotthireddy Mallareddy (SRR Government Arts & Science College, Karimnagar, India)
Speaker: Kotthireddy Mallareddy
Topic: Language, Dialect, Sociolect, Genre
The (SCOPUS / ISI) SOAS GLOCAL CALA 2020 General Session


Kaloji was a non-violent, revolutionary, renowned poet of India. He was a freedom fighter, antifascist and political activist of the Telangana State. In his student life he was deeply involved in Aryasamaj, AndhraMahasabha, Satyagraha, Vandemataram and later involved in Anti-Razak, and Library Movements. He wrote several Poems, Novels, Stories and essays in Regional Dialect on the common Man’s life in the contemporary society. He was well-known as Prajakavi the poet of Mass (mass people). He led a very simple life and dedicated his life to fight for the human and civil rights of the Mass, and was imprisoned by the feudal lords. He participated in various social, political and literary activities and awarded Padmavibhushan award by the Indian Government. Influenced by the contemporary society he wrote “Nagodava” the troubles and struggles of the mass in the society. This Nagodava a compilation of his poems, short stories and translations called as running commentary on contemporary society. He also wrote his autobiography based on his personal struggles and experiences with the society in his life named as “IdiNagodava”. He has given most important to the Mother Tongue and used to write in the Regional Telugu (Telangana) Language. He strived a lot to uplift the Regional Language to protect from the problem of Language Endangerment. The Telangana State Government honored him by declared his Birth Day (9thSeptember) as “Telangana Language Day” and ordered to Celebrate every year officially throughout the state. He used the two weapons to strengthen Democracy in the country and to bring equality in the society. They are one is Language and the other one is Literature. He noted for his great contribution to the Society, Language and Literary fields.

This paper intended to reveal and discuss Socio Linguistic reflections of and in the writings of Kaloji, and to generate discussion and critical perspectives on his work, as well as to enlighten foreign scholars on the development of literature and its interaction with the region.


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Keywords: Antifascist , Nagodava, Padmavibhushan, Prajakavi, IdiNagodava