Cybora The Online Dating Application Engagement Among Gays and Meeting Afam Offline

Author: Faye Coleen Rosales Suyao (University of San Carlos, The Philippines)
Speaker: Faye Coleen Rosales Suyao
Topic: Anthropological Linguistics
The (SCOPUS / ISI) SOAS GLOCAL CALA 2020 General Session

Panel Abstract

We live in the age of technology where most of us have devices distracting us from the small details we encounter in our society be it from a small community or in the metro. Cyber communication offers opportunities for valued learning, responsibility, and independence but still, depending to a person of either which or what shall he do with it as he has his own free will to decide so. These days, there are crazy numerous of chat and communication apps for our smart phones or tablet. Dating apps does not only limit to man and women but also has a lot more of viewers and users coming from the LGBT communities mostly male homosexuals. Browsing to find affections, finding partners with their own preferences usually target other nationals coming from Western and European countries. There’s a dating app to match your needs.

Now the question of continuity rises such as what if, the online engagements will be taken outside the online world? Is the possibility real emotions be involve through time and how does language manipulates the emotions and psychologically fulfills the people involved on both side of the screen? Do these new online trends of connecting people across the globe opted to have similarities with the actual real happenings in the real world? And ultimately, is there a factor of racism via spoken language does the other side of the screen renders against the opposite in terms of commanding the other side of what to do to please and satisfy both ends and what are the possible rapid shift to the anthropology of linguistic does these trend sets for the communing generation. This paper aims to prevail in the culture of cyber chatting among gays to different dating sites. To be able to project exemplify what is that they call “cybora” and the possible activities to goes along it and expound the versatility of the power of communication through our community with the new trend of ways of communication – the internet and elicit suggestions and recommendation among the people involved.

Keywords: online communication, cybora, dating apps