Vanishing Landlordism In Madhes, Nepal: Missing an Opportunity for Development of Capitalism

Author: Shyam Sundar Prasad Yadav (Tribhuvan University of Nepal, Nepal)
Speaker: Shyam Sundar Prasad Yadav
Topic: Textualization Contextualization Entextualization
The (SCOPUS / ISI) SOAS GLOCAL CALA 2020 General Session


This research examines the misinterpretation of feudalism and its protective qualities over families in Madhes with large amounts of land. The misinterpretation of feuds between families invited mistreatment, and as a result, the Nepali state imposed land-reform program policies in 1964, more so due to pressure by the communist movement. This pushed the feudal farmers into poverty.

The study highlights historical ways of land accumulation, land losing and failure of development of organic capitalism in Madhes. Contemporary work in Marxism especially in Madhes tends to focus on interpretation, and understanding of feudalism/landlordism among communist leaders, scholars, workers and activists. Marxist discourses and precepts have reflexively impeded the development of capitalism in Madhes. This paper thus highlights the interactions of Marxist discourse and the issues among Madhes families in Nepal.

Keywords: Capitalism, Communist, Feudalism, Landlordism, Madhes, Marxism, Misinterpretation, Organic Capitalism