Linguistics in the Communication Culture of Vietnamese Teenager Today

Author: Dang Thi Dieu Trang (Institute of Culture Studies, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, Vietnam)
Speaker:Dang Thi Dieu Trang
Topic: Language Socialization
The (SCOPUS / ISI) SOAS GLOCAL CALA 2020 General Session


Vietnamese public opinion is currently giving many discussion about the language used by young people for texting on the phone, chat online, talk in schools, public places … Some of the phrases are always used to name this language phenomenon in the media or in the opinion of linguistician and social culture researchers as “chat language”, “teen language”, “language @ “. This call is essentially interpreted as a form of communication language on the network of modern teenager, even though it can be used interchangeably then still its internal value is unchanged.Approaching the way of using language not according to the Vietnamese standard system in communication among teenager today (texting via phone, online chat, conversation in life …) as a cultural phenomenon with typical style of young people, this topic mainly focuses on clarifying some issues such as: the reason for the creation and use of this language format, what do teenager think about using that language? The form of using language does not follow the Vietnamese standard system, which helps “decode” the typical culture of young people in contemporary society.

Keywords: Vietnamese language, teen language