Context in Utterances towards the “Social Values in Children’s Story Model”

Authors: Normaliza Abd Rahim, Nur Widad Roslan (Universiti Putra Malaysia )
Siti Nur Aliaa Roslan (Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur )
Nur Maisarah Roslan (Al-Madinah University )
Speaker: Normaliza Abd Rahim
Topic: Anthropological Linguistics
The (SCOPUS / ISI) SOAS GLOCAL CALA 2020 General Session


The study focuses on the context around utterances among primary school students in Malaysia. The objectives of the study are to identify and discuss the context in utterances towards the “Social Values in Children’s Story Model”. The model we employ consists of five songs lyric on social values. However, this study mainly focuses on one song lyric entitled “My Family”. The sample set consists of eight primary school students. The subjects were selected at random and given two weeks to listen to the songs. The subjects discuss the meaning of the song lyrics, and these discussions are recorded and transcribed. The transcriptions are analysed using a discourse analysis of the contexts, and by employing the model by Normaliza Abd Rahim (2018). The results of the study showed that the subjects understood the story line within the song lyrics. The results also revealed that the subjects are able to identify the social values from the song lyrics and suggested other values such as, responsibility, helping others, love and care. It is hoped that other studies will also focus on the song lyrics using this model.

Keywords: Context, discourse analysis, model, social values