The GLOCAL in Asia 2020 – The GLOCAL CALA 2020

Table of Contents

Front Matter
Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement
Plenary and Keynote Speeches
To Osu or not to Osu: A Translanguaging Approach to Language Learning as Embodied Cultural Translation
Li Wei
Language and Speaker Movement in the Malay World: As Told in Folk Narratives
Asmah Haji Omar
The Steppes, Anatolia, India? Migration, Archaeology, Genomes, and Indo-European
Hans Henrich Hock
Khmer Brahmanist Ritual Practices: Social and Linguistic Mediation of (Super)natural Encounters
Susan Needham
Technology and Language Documentation in the Global Era
Nathan Hill
Social Evaluations of Accented Englishes: An Indian Perspective
Roshni Raheja
Shifting the Semangat: Parallelism in the Central Indonesian Mantra
Michael Hadzantonis
Metaphors of Turtle Dove Physical Characteristics in Javanese Community: A Preliminary Study
I Dewa Putu Wijana
Conceptualising Doctoral Supervision in Malaysia as Small Cultures: PhD Graduates’ Perspectives
Rafidah Sahar and Nur Nabilah Abdullah
Language Vitality, Attitude and Endangerment: Understanding from Field Work among Lodha Speakers
Shuvam Dutta
Topicality of the “copula” form shi in Santa Mongolian
Aoi Geka
Rise and Decline of Languages: Struggle for Survival
T.Sai Chandra Mouli
A New French-Based Register? An Analysis of Commercial Naming in Public Space in Japan
Tsuyoshi Kida
Lower and Upper Baram Sub-groups: A Study on Linguistic Affiliation
Norazuna Norahim and Asmah Haji Omar
On the Progress of Phonemic Analysis of Chinese Word Syllable
Qing Wang
The Maintenance of Language and Identities of the Thai-Melayu Ethnic Group in Jaleh Village, Yarang District, Pattani, Thailand
Brohanah Tayeh, Kamila Kaping, Nadeehah Samae and Varavejbhisis Yossiri
The Indian Hakkas of Vienna
Ralf Vollmann and Soon Tek Wooi
Migration, Language, Identity: The journey of Meixian Hakkas from Calcutta to Vienna
Ralf Vollmann and Soon Tek Wooi
Vietnamese Proverbs: Values Preserved in The Modern Society
Ngo Thi Thanh Quy and Nguyen Thi Hong Minh
Japanese Animation: Its Effect on Malaysian Undergraduates’ Students
Rokiah Paee, Roswati Abdul Rashid and Roslina Mamat
Becoming Puppeteer: Reflections on Language and Culture in the Global Context by Puppetry Students in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Susana Ayala
Between Global and Local Contexts: Seoul Linguistic Landscape
Kapitolina Fedorova
Translating space from Chinese to English: A Case Study of Cao Wenxuan’s Bronze and Sunflower
Zhao Meijuan, Ang Lay Hoon, Florence Toh Haw Ching and Sabariah Md Rashid
Morphological Analysis of Negation in Amele, Papua New Guinea
Masahiko Nose
Language, Identity and Ideology: Media-induced Linguistic Innovations in Contemporary China
Jing Lei and Yufang Rao
A Study on Images of Food in Bian Cheng
Guo Xiaohui, Ang Lay Hoon, Sabariah Hj Md Rashid and Ser Wue Hiong
Rain or Shine Shield: Language and Ropes of Sadok Making
Loyalda T. Bolivar
The World through the Eyes of an Asian American: Exploring Verbal and Visual Expressions in a Graphic Memoir
Titien Diah Soelistyarini
Singlish Turns Indonesian in Crazy Rich Asian (2018) Movie: A Lost in Translation
Retno Wulandari Setyaningsih and Puji Audina Lestari
The Impact of Children’s YouTube Videos on the English Language Socialization and Acquisition in Indonesia
Layli Hamida
The Sociolinguistic Registers of ‘Malaysian English’
Ralf Vollmann and Soon Tek Wooi
Socialization through Sign Language for Deaf Children in Early School Years under the Light of Communication Theory
Hien Do Thi and Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy
A Study on Cultural Characteristics of Chinese College Students from Cyber Language
Shuang Hong
Local Chinese Dialects and Tooponymity of Chinese Streets in Sibu, Sarawak
Wong Ling Yann
Pagdihon: The Art and Language of Pottery Making in Bari, Sibalom, Antique
Edbert Jay M. Cabrillos and Rowena S. Cabrillos
Case Marking of Rava in Comparison with Bangla
Shuvam Dutta
Compliment Strategy Employed by Japanese and Malaysian Tour Guides during Tour Trip Session: Comparative Studies
Roswati Abdul Rashid, Roslina Mamat and Rokiah Paiee
Eden’s East: An ethnography of LG language communities in Seoul, South Korea
Michael Hadzantonis
Pha Nya: A Cultural Treasure of the Folks
Jarernchai Chonpairot
From Upland to Lowland: Karen Learners Positioning and Identity Construction Through Language Socialization in Thai Classroom Context
Nopthira Jawaut and Remart Dumlao
A Contrastive Analysis of Japanese and Chinese ‘Laugher’ Onomatopoeia and Mimetic Words
Yihui Xia
A Sociology of Sanskrit Language: The Context of Women and Shudras
Reading Shopfront Signs: A Multimodal (Social) Semiotic Approach to Text Analysis
Arif Chowdhury
“How Does ASEAN Region Localizes International Brands?” A Multidimensional Analysis of Thai TV ads
Thiti Nawapan and Remart P. Dumlao
Exploring Intercultural Interaction: The Use of Semiotic Resources in Meaning-Making Process
Nur Nabilah Abdullah and Rafidah Sahar
Shamanic Rituals and the Survival of Endangered Tribal Languages – An Anthropological Study on the Basis of Gaddika
Indu V. Menon and Shebin M.S
A Study of Malay Manuscript (Petua Membina Rumah): Geometric Pattern Lexical Density
Muhamad Fadzllah Zaini, Anida Saruddin and Mazura Mastura Muhammad
Perception and Metaphorical Smell: A Malay Manuscript Study (Petua Membina Rumah) as One of the Asian Texts
Muhamad Fadzllah Zaini, Anida Saruddin, Mazura Mastura Muhammad and Siti Saniah Abu Bakar
Collocation Analysis of Variants of Intensifiers in Classical Malay Texts
Anida Sarudin, Mazura Mastura Muhammad, Muhamad Fadzllah Zaini, Zulkifli Osman and Muhammad Anas Al Muhsin
The Relationship Between Astronomy and Architecture as an Element of Malay Intelligentsia
Anida Sarudin, Mazura Mastura Muhammad, Muhamad Fadzllah Zaini, Husna Faredza Mohamed Redzwan and Siti Saniah Abu Bakar
English Adjectives in Indonesian Cosmetic Advertisement: A Study of Emphatic Personal Metadiscourse Marker
Nia Kurniasih, Iis Kurnia Nurhayati and Sutiadi Rahmansyah
The Shifting Sub-Text of Japanese Gendered Language
Mary Goebel Noguchi
Gender Representation in Malaysian L2 Mandarin Textbook 
Lin Wen Yue, Ang Lay Hoon, Chan Mei Yuit and Shamala Paramasivam
An Analysis of Indian English News Headlines
Samapika Roy, Sukhada and Anil Kr. Singh
From Verbal to Three-dimensional Digital Visual Text: A Construction of a Javanese Prince
Harry Nuriman, Nia Kurniasih, Setiawan Sabana, Intan R. Mutiaz, and Rikrik K. Andryanto
Vanishing Landlordism in Madhes, Nepal: Missing an Opportunity for Development of Capitalism
Shyam Sundar Prasad Yadav
Concepts of Religions (Confucianism and Buddhism) from Poetic-Stories to Reality in Indochina
Nguyen Phuong Lien
The Symbolism and Poetics of the JAPA Mantras in Yogyakarta, Indonesia: An Anthropological Study
Michael Hadzantonis
Narrative Constitution of Corporate Identities in Corporate Profiles of Multinational Corporations of China — A Case Study
Wang Li, Ang Lay Hoon, Sabariah Md Rashid and Hazlina Abdul Halim
Ideologically Reviving Javanese: Romantic Intellects, Signage Prayers, Linguistic Solidarity
Michael Hadzantonis
Sociocultural Imperatives of Collaborative Interactions Among Malaysian Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Children in an Educational Computer Environment
Mohamad Ibrani Shahrimin Adam Assim and Mohamad Maulana Magiman
Subtitle Translation Strategies of Dish Name in Chinese Documentary-A Bite of China 1
Zhang Qi and Ang Lay Hoon
Translation Methods of Sound Words from Weapon Collisions in Legends of the Condor Heroes
Zhu Hongxiang and Ang Lay Hoon
Pleasing the “Bubble”: Abe Shinzō’s Strategical Self-Exhibition on Facebook
Marco Zappa
Advertising Appeals in Baby Formula Commercials Across Cultures
Zhu Li and Ang Lay Hoon