Integration of Multicultural Education in Vietnamese Teaching for Foreign Students at Thai Nguyenuniversity of Education

Author: Cao Thi Hao (Thai Nguyen University of Education)
Speaker: Cao Thi Hao
Topic: Language, Community, Ethnicity
The (SCOPUS / ISI) SOAS GLOCAL CALA 2021 General Session


The paper analyzes and points out the effectiveness of the method of integrating multicultural education in teaching the Vietnamese language to foreign students at Thai Nguyen University of Education. Every year, Thai Nguyen University of Education welcomes a large number of foreigners whose students come to learn the Vietnamese language, mainly from Laos, Mongolia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Taiwan … Multicultural education focuses on the culture in educational activities and the indigenous culture of learners. Integrating multicultural education through learning activities and experiences in curricula for foreign students at Thai Nguyen University of Education such as: experiencing cultural venues, attending festivals, traditional cultural activities with indigenous people, using proverbs, folk songs, fables through lectures … Thereby, reinforcing the Vietnamese language and culture, contributing to improving the Vietnamese language skills of learners. This is one of the effective methods of education, consistent with the global trend, and should be enhanced in Vietnamese language training for foreigners in Vietnam. In teaching Vietnamese at Thai Nguyen University of Education, the method of integrating multicultural education has brought about positive results, improved the quality of teaching, and attracted learners to the institution. This opens up a new direction in teaching Vietnamese to foreigners. Multicultural education in teaching Vietnamese to foreigners is a model that needs to be aimed at improving the quality of training and meet the needs of learning Vietnamese of foreigners in Vietnam in the era of globalization.

The author uses methods of survey, statistics, and general analysis to clarify the issues raised. Interdisciplinary research methods such as theories of culture, multiculturalism, and integrated education are also used to support the research.

Keywords: Multicultural education, integration, foreign students, Vietnamese language training