Preservation of Folk Songs of Some Ethnic Groups in Northern Vietnam in the Current Social Context

Authors: Nguyen Thi Minh Thu (Thai Nguyen University of Education, Vietnam)
Duong Nguyet Van (Thai Nguyen University of Education, Vietnam)
Speakers: Nguyen Thi Minh Thu, Duong Nguyet Van
Topic: Oral Heritage
The (SCOPUS / ISI) SOAS GLOCAL CALA 2021 Colloquium Session


In the folklore treasure in Vietnam, folk music is a form of living with many values ​​and plays an important role for community life, contributing to create a cultural imprint of each ethnic group. Some typical folk songs can be mentioned such as Then of the Tay, Xoan of the Kinh, Luon of the Nung, Vi of the San Chay, etc. In Vietnam, the preservation of folk songs is currently considered a very concerning issue; however, the method and effectiveness of the implementation is still inadequate. On the basis of investigations and surveys in some regions in the North of Vietnam such as Ba Be district of Bac Kan province; Dinh Hoa district, Dong Hy district of Thai Nguyen province; Binh Lieu district of Quang Ninh province; Lam Thao district of Phu Tho province; Xi Man district of Ha Giang province, etc., the researchers has studied and pointed out the appearances of various types of folk songs; the current situation of the preservation of folk songs; from there proposed a number of preservation methods in which  the support of modern technical means of the era of technology 4.0 for the types of folk songs is taken into special consideration in the aforementioned regions in particular and in Vietnam in general. The research results will contribute to specific orientation of ways to preserve and promote the types of folk songs in VietNam in the current social context.

Keywords: Preservation, folk songs, ethnic, northern VietNam, current social context