How the Traditional Occupation Modernization Become an Endangerment of Language: a Case Study

Author: Darwin L (University of Kerala)
Speaker: Darwin L
Topic: Language Contact and Change
The (SCOPUS / ISI) SOAS GLOCAL CALA 2021 General Session


This study mainly focuses on the endangerment of a language because of the modernization of Traditional occupation; the modernization of Traditional occupation means, changing the way of method had used earlier with modern technology.  Here it is discussing the fishermen’s traditional occupation and its modernization; through the modernization some sort of changes among their language.  Through the occupational modernization, those people couldn’t use the traditional terminologies and their usages among them, such a way so many terminologies and their co-occurrences are losing from them.  Not only the linguistic loss but also the loss of measurement system among them.  Because they have their measurement system for occupational methods.  Nowadays they don’t want to make some of the traditional occupational equipment, because they have changed from the traditional types of equipment to modern types of equipment, so they don’t want to make and don’t want to calculate the measurements, through this situation they lose their measurement system also.  This study adopted an ethnographic research methodology for the data collection, with the questionnaire and casual talks and historical and comparative research methodology has used for the analysis of the data.

Keywords: Traditional Occupation, Modernisation, Fishermen at Trivandrum, Language of fishermen, measurement system, endangerment of language.