Asia and it’s new symbolic rise

Author: Mitrajit Biswas (O.P. Jindal Global University)
Speaker: Mitrajit Biswas
Topic: Narrative and Metanarrative
The (SCOPUS / ISI) SOAS GLOCAL CALA 2022 General Session


The idea of the paper is to understand the dynamics of the role of Asia and how it holds a symbolic value in the present dynamics of the world. The paper would basically look into the cultural aspects of the Asian civilization which have been there since centuries and how that cultural journey holds a very important role in the new world that is taking place today. The paper would tend to focus on Asia as a continent especially in terms of the coverage of the global media and its symbolic aspect of the global dynamics changing in modern times.

The present situation of the world and the post covid crisis would hold for a very important dimension in understanding the dynamics of Asia. It is not just about understanding the continent as a whole but focussing on the questions such as “Where does the symbolic aspect of covid crisis and the collapse of the western socio-economic dynamics makes for the Asian sphere”. The corona crisis and the aftermath of the crisis on the western world is being used as a symbolic framework for the research objective. This is where the focus on Asia and its symbolic aspect is pivotal.

Aim of the paper is to understand the role of Asian countries and the aspect of the symbolic understanding in the way how the rise of Asian countries in terms of containing corona and most importantly the political focus needs to be looked into. The security aspect as well as the political and the economic dimensions of the Asian part of the world and how the trade, global integration and the most important question of the “Rise of China” and its aftermath on Asia and beyond completes the question that the paper wants to focus upon in terms of understanding.

Finally, the aspect of the cultural dimensions of Asia would be to focus on an underrepresented aspect which holds a very important pillar in understanding Asia and new symbolism of its rise in the global sphere. The understanding from the media discourses in terms of understanding the Asian dynamics already for the aspects mentioned and last but not the least the cultural sphere of music, movies and other pop cultural items would be added for the overall understanding of the rise of Asia in the 21st century. This would allow for the understanding of the new symbolism of Asian emergence.

Keywords: Asia, Symbolism, World, Politics