The Ethics of Respect for Life Through Facebook Corpus in Vietnam

Authors: Tran Thi Nhung (Thai Nguyen University of Education)
Nguyen Thi Bich (Thai Nguyen University of Education)
Speaker: Tran Thi Nhunh
Topic: General Sociolinguistics
The (SCOPUS / ISI) SOAS GLOCAL CALA 2022 Poster Session


In 2020, human must cope with a catastrophic epidemic and have promptly changed quickly to adapt to it. Technology has brought people together and social network has become an important spiritual ecological space. Facebook social network is one of the popular connection tools of Vietnamese people. According to statistics, up to June 2020, Facebook users in Vietnam are 69,280,000, accounting for 70.1% of the entire population. The Facebook social network deeply reflects the cultural characteristics, the outlook on life and the life of the modern Vietnamese. The ethics of respect for life is a unique philosophical system built by Albert Schweitzer, which has a positive meaning in ensuring environmental justice, in the movement against the philosophy of human centralism. Albert Schweitzer emphasized that human existence was based on the harmony between other living beings and the whole world, any living being had equal existence value, but only human beings can take the moral responsibility of respect for life. Therefore, study of the ethics of respect for life shown on the Facebook social network will help to draw out many characteristics of the outlook on life, ecology of the Vietnamese people. The article used the methods of surveying, statisticalzing, analyzing language corpus of the Facebook users in Vietnam to evaluate the awareness and language behaviors of the Vietnamese in respect of the respect for life in the aspects: People, nature, universe; people – animals; people – people; people – culture, society. On the basis of surveys, statistics, the article aims to orient the outlook on life and ecology, respect for life and educate on environmental protection for everyone.

Keywords: The Ethics of Respect for Life, Ecology Symbol