The GLOCAL in Asia 2022 – The GLOCAL CALA 2022


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Keynote Talks

Symbolisation in Ancient Tales: A Special Reference to the Malay Text Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa

Asmah Haji Omar

Changing Sociolinguistic Concerns, Linguistic Ethnography, and North/South Research Relations?

Ben Rampton


Distributing Knowledge with the Discourse Marker Nah in Food Reviews in Colloquial Jakartan Indonesian

Rika Mutiara

Helming Malaysia: Najib Razak’s Metaphors in Malaysian Supply Bills

Farrah Diebaa Rashid Ali

Representations of Malaysian Female Motorcyclists in Online Newspapers and Magazines

Nur Amirah Zakaria and Farrah Diebaa Rashid Ali

Treating and Healing Malaysia: A Critical Analysis of Najib Razak’s Metaphors

Farrah Diebaa Rashid Ali


A Morphological Analysis of the Sinama Variety in Iligan City, Philippines

Keven Opamin

Does Zamboanga Chavacano have its Own Idiomatic Expressions? A Preliminary Analysis

Gefilloyd L. De Castro

Personal Multilingual Practices in The Chinese Mainland

Xinyi Zhong and Lay Hoon Ang

The Locative Form in Rijal Alma

Michael Hadzantonis

Toward a Revision of a Critical Linguistic Anthropology

Michael Hadzantonis


Are Students Becoming Less Polite? Politeness Strategies, Sociological Variables, and Social Practices in Online Communication

Lorena Taglucop

Investigating Rape Culture in the Philippines through #HijaAko: Towards a Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis

Aileen Bautista

Noh, Zen and Now

Kim Rockell

Sociolinguistic Aspects of Linguistic Visuals in Varanasi

Anil Thakur and Pursotam Kumar


Conceptualizing the Language and Cultural Ideologies of the Kadazandusun in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo

Trixie M Tangit

Transgressive Mae: Transwoman representation and identity in 3 Will Be Free

Miguel Lorenzo B. Garcia


Cultural Meanings of ‘Small’: Similar yet Different Semantic Networks of Diminutives in Thai and South Korean

Kultida Khammee and Seongha Rhee

Images and Symbols of the Gypsies (Roma) in the Early USSR

Elena Marushiakova and Vesselin Popov

Symbols of Spatial Representation across Languages: From English Phrasal Verbs to Hindi Complex Predicates

Pursotam Kumar and Sanjukta Ghosh


Dichotomizing Narratives on Post-Colonial Filipina: Inference from Nick Joaquin and Estrella Alfon’s Fiction

Joseph P. Casibual Jr.

Emotions in Jimmy Liao’s Picturebook: A Case Study of Pictorial Metaphors

Qi Xiaoyang and Roslina Mamat

From Beverly Hills to Shangri-La and Beyond: A Relational Conjunctural Analysis of Place Names and Gentrification in Southwest China

Michela Bonato

Language Evolution: An NCT and Conlang Framework

Swathi Sivakumar Menon and Vinod Balakrishnan

Laughter in Comic Strips in Northeast Asia

Yihui Xia

Pragmatics of Translating Tourism Texts: A Case of Spiritual Tourism in India

Sanjukta Ghosh

Sustaining Folk Literature: A Study

T. Sai Chandra Mouli

Use of Impersonal Emotions in Food and Beverage Advertisements of India

Jyoti Kumari and Sanjukta Ghosh