The GLOCAL in Asia 2023 – The GLOCAL CALA 2023

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement


Editor’s Note

Keynote Talks

Symbols for “Hill” and “Mountain” in Malaysian Indigenous Languages

Asmah Haji Omar

Scale and the Linguistic Anthropology of Discursive Interaction

Ben Rampton


The Locative Form in Rijal Alma

Michael Hadzantonis

Chinese to English Name Shifts: The Case of Roads, Streets, and Alleys in the Cultural City of Changsha, China

Yin Zhou and Ling Yann Wong

Discoursing Environmental e-Corporate Social Responsibility in Southern Philippines’ Manufacturing Industries

Venus R. Parmisana

Review on Learning Disability Interventions for Aphasia in Malaysia

Celine Deanna Wei Ling Chan and Saeid Motevalli

The Social and the Cultural in Linguistic Anthropology

Michael Hadzantonis


Conlangs to Natlangs: Closing the Gap through Digital (Re)construction

Swathi Sivakumar Menon

Future Tense Usages in Trans-New Guinea Languages: A Functional-Cognitive Study

Masahiko Nose

Review on Learning Disability – Aphasia Assessment in Malaysia

Celine Deanna Wei Ling Chan and Saeid Motevalli

The Javanese Mantras as a Shamanic Oral Ritual

Michael Hadzantonis


An Analysis of Forms and Functions of Code-Mixing and Code-Switching as Communication Strategies by Malaysian Japanese-Language Tour Guides

Roswati Abdul Rashid

Animism in Lord Shiva’s Songs in Kandhapurana’s Kadavul Vaalthu and in His Presence Worship

Dhilip Kumar S/O Agilan and Kingston Pal Thamburaj

Malaysian Government’s Multi-Vocational Roles: A Conceptual Metaphor Analysis

Farrah Diebaa Rashid Ali


Am I My Brother’s Keeper? What the Batak Pragmatics of Favor-Asking and Apology-Making Can Teach the World

Teresita D Tajolosa

Communicating with Nature: Reading Warning Signs and Practices in Disaster Resilience of the Talaandig in Talakag, Bukidnon

Lorena M. Taglucop and Efren V. Mercado

Exploring University of Antique’s Hashtag Culture on Facebook: The Ethnography of Communication in Virtual Space

Edbert Jay M. Cabrillos

Te Hā o Te Tangata; A Discourse Analysis of Language and the Environment

Hone Waengarangi Morris


Hong Kong as an Interlude: Chronotopes of Dislocation in Life (Hi)stories of Filipino Domestic Workers

Nicanor L.Guinto

Layers of Inequality in English

Grace M. Saqueton

New Entrepreneur is Premature Baby: A Critical Metaphor Analysis of Malaysian Supply Bills

Farrah Diebaa Rashid Ali

Producing Press Freedom: Investigating the Mediatization of an Issue About a Philippine Online News Site on Twitter and Facebook

Brian D. Villaverde

The Ideologies of a New Javanese Language

Michael Hadzantonis


Lexical Meranaw Variation: A Unifying Link of the Culture’s Ideologies on Identity, Peace, and Unity

Sharifa A. Khalid-Masorong

Narrativizing the Bakla Queerness: Reading Parlor as a Queer Narrative Space

Joseph P. Casibual Jr.

Sindhi Language in India – An Analysis of the Effect of Homogenous Community on Language Maintenance in 3rd Generation Sindhi Speakers in North-West India

Juhi Rajwani

Stone Tablets, Antithetical Couplets and Horizontal Board Languages: From Image of Cultural Heritage Destinations in Malaysia

Wong Ling Yann

The Seasonal Calendar of the Bateq Indigenous People of Malaysia: The Conceptions of Time

Roshidah Hassan and Siti Zaidah Zainuddin


Indigenous Language, Migration, and Sedentism of the Migrant Mamanwa in Southern Leyte, Philippines

Angelie Genotiva and Bethlehem Ponce

Tragic Realities in the Narratives of Washi (Sendong) Survivors

Merceditha C. Alicando and Nelia G. Balgoa


Exploring the Multiplicity of Meanings in Southeast Asian Cultural Symbols Portrayed in Raya and the Last Dragon: A Semiotic Analysis

Adjemore A. Manabat and Maria Theresa B. Panzo

‘Plot Number’ and ‘Brinjal’ in Malaysian Tamil Folk Songs

Logeswary Kingston and Logeswary Arumugum

Affective Stance in Unexpected Situations: Cases from Food Reviews in Colloquial Jakartan Indonesian

Rika Mutiara

Chinese Numerical Proverbs Using Semiotic Features to Describe Cultural Elements of Ancient Chinese Society

Zongjin He and Adi Yasran Abdul Aziz

Interlocution and Writing Stylistics in Shopping Malls in Japan

Tsuyoshi Kida

Social Media Posts; Texts, and Images Iconization of Symbols

Rimi Ghosh Dastidar and Shrestha Majumdar

South Korean Symbolism of Soft Masculinity in Indonesian Local Skincare Advertising

Oliver and Agustinus Rusdianto Berto

The Symbology of Plants in Traditional Healing Techniques in Timor-Leste and its Desacralization on Social Media

Afonso de Almeida and Karin N.R. Indart


Exploring Compound Word Processing by Individuals Linguistically Socialized into Chinese Heritage (ILSICH): The Role of Morphological Awareness, Semantic Transparency, and Context

Trent Chen Chun-yin and Doris Chen

Exploring the Influence of Chinese Ideographs on Onomatopoeic Imitation: Challenges in Translating Japanese Laughter Onomatopoeia into Chinese

Yihui Xia

Framing the Folk in Lore: Locating Folkness in Philippine Creature Urban Legends

Joseph P. Casibual Jr.

Jimmy Liao and Affect: A Multimodal Study

Xiaoyang Qi

The Role of L2 and Cultural Awareness in Memory Recall: A Cross-Cultural Study

Trent Chen Chun-yin and Doris Chen