The Kingdom of Cambodia is populated by an estimated 17 million people, 90% of whom belong to the Khmer ethnic group. Khmer is the official language of Cambodia.Apart from standard Khmer, which is spoken through the Central Plain and is the dialect taught in schools and used in media, there are two main dialects distinguished in Cambodia: Phnom Penh Khmer spoken in Phnom Penh and Khmer Khe in Stung Treng, a northern province bordering with Vietnam.

Population: (in 2020) 16,718,965

Number of States/Provinces: 25 Provinces

Ethnic Groups: Khmer, Vietnamese, Chinese, Tai, Cham, Khmer Loeu

Official Language: Khmer

Other Languages: French, English, Cham, Vietnamese, Tumpoon, Lao, Jarai, Yue Chinese