Language is Culture on Intercultural Communication

Author: Fatiha Guessabi (University of Bechar-Algeria)
Speaker: Fatiha Guessabi
Topic: Language, Community, Ethnicity
The (SCOPUS / ISI) SOAS GLOCAL COMELA 2022 General Session


In human societies, Language is probably, the best way to convey a culture orally or written. The language, written or spoken, plays an essential role in the development of a form of social knowledge, which is the thought of common sense, socially elaborated and shared by members of the same social or cultural group. This common knowledge is sometimes called a social representation. Through language, man assimilates culture, perpetuates or transforms it.

Like every language, each culture implements a specific apparatus of symbols in which each society is identified. Culture is defined as the body of knowledge and behavior that characterize a human society, or more generally a human group within a society. Dialogue between people from different cultures may require intercultural mediation. So foreign language teachers must teach cultures whose private language is identified.

In this paper we will discuss the relationship between culture and language in a given society, How does the loss of language affect people? How would one tackle the problem of loss of language? School initiatives? Government plans? And the major contributors to the loss of language. All these questions will be answered in our papers.

Keywords: Communication, Culture, Human being, Language, society