Landscaping Dialects across Greece: Towards an Extended Ethnography

Author Information

Michael Hadzantonis,
SOAS, University of London, U.K.

DOI: 10.47298/comela22.5-1
The GLOCAL Proceedings:  The GLOCAL Conference in the Mediterranean and Europe 2022


Greece’s language landscapes both geographically and historically multifarious. The dispersal of these dialects has been complexified by mixing and borrowing, as well as other factors, while their boundedness is blurred throughout the region. Many of these dialects and their applications (such as in miroloi and demotic music) are in significant decline, if not endangerment, and efforts to revitalize these languages are inadequate. Yet, these dialects, as an aggregate, also provide a significant source of local and larger (for example, national) ideology, where they each entextualize such an ideology in their linguistic appropriation.

This paper presents work thus far on the ethnography of dialect and ideology throughout Greece. While a full ethnography of Greek dialects is not possible, efforts to build the landscaping of the country’s dialect map will contribute to the understanding of questions such as, how is ideology of Greekness represented through and entextualized in language forms throughout Greece, and beyond. This study draws on the frameworks of linguistic ideologies and entextualization as methodical frameworks. The language documentation has thus far spanned several decades.

Keywords: Greece, language ideology, entextualization, dialects, ethnography, boundedness

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