Publishing Transfer

By submitting an abstract and proposal to GLOCAL conferences, participants agree to The GLOCAL as the sole publisher of the abstract or proposal in any format, such as in Conference Proceedings, Journal Publications, or any other on or offline domains.


All abstracts and proposals submitted to The GLOCAL must be original and must not at the time of submission to The GLOCAL conference be prior published elsewhere.


All abstracts submitted to The GLOCAL conferences must not contain plagiarized material.

Finality of Review Process

The GLOCAL review process, as double blind reviewed will determine whether the abstract is accepted for any of the GLOCAL conferences.

Adherence to GLOCAL Requirements

Abstracts must adhere to the requirements of GLOCAL conference guidelines.

Late Submissions

Special consideration may be given to late submissions, predicated on the need for achieving a specific number of papers in specific sub sections within each respective conference.


All abstracts, proposals, synopses and papers submitted to The GLOCAL conferences must have a maximum of two authors, that is, two main authors, or one main author and one co-author, unless otherwise stipulated at various times. This is in line with efforts to limit the abuse of such conferences and publications whereby authors attempt to increase their publication gravity and citation index by simply tagging a large group of colleagues in sequential fashion.


All papers presented at GLOCAL conferences must be in person presentations as The GLOCAL does not accept virtual presentations, unless otherwise stipulated at various times and for specific conferences.

Mandatory Attendance

Only abstracts and papers presented at GLOCAL conferences will be published in their respective GLOCAL conference proceedings, unless otherwise decided by the respective GLOCAL conference. Should the participating author(s) not attend and present the respective paper at any conference, then The GLOCAL reserves the right to reject publication of these abstracts an, synopses, and papers.

Certificates of Attendance and Participation

Authors and presenters whose abstracts have been reviewed and have passed the review process for inclusion into the conference program pending registration may receivie a Certificate of Acceptance of Abstract, and hence permission to register for the conference. However, this certificate will stipulate that the author has not yet been accepted into the program and hence until such a time as when all necessary registration for the coference has been finalized.

Only authors and presenters who have completed all registration requirements for teht respective conference and who have attended and presented at the respective GLOCAL conference will receive a formal Certificate of Attendance.