The Endangered Languages Archive Repository (ELAR) is a digital repository preserving and publishing multimedia collections of endangered languages. The archive contains collections from all over the world with regional strongholds in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and Latin America. To date, recordings encompassing over 450 languages can be found in ELAR. Collections in ELAR contain audio and video recordings of every day language use, verbal art, songs, narratives, ritual and more. The collections also contain dictionaries, pedagogical materials like primers for language teaching, transcriptions and translations of the recordings into the major contact language like Spanish, Mandarin, English or Russian for example.

ELAR’s mission is to:

  • provide a safe long-term repository for language documentation collections.
  • train and support depositors in collection creation and preservation.
  • make collections available free of charge to researchers, communities and the public.
  • support users in discovering and accessing recordings.

The collections can be browsed and accessed through the ELAR online catalogue. All materials are digital and free of charge to access (after free registration). With registration, you agree to ELAR’s conditions for use of archive resources.