FEDER (Funding for Education in Developing Regions)

The FEDER is an ongoing, rolling grant set up to assist those working on building education systems in developing regions  drawing on anthropological frameworks. As such the grant applications will be assessed continuously and for which there is no closing date.

The three levels of funding are

a. low FEDER – $1000

b. mid FEDER – $2000

c. high FEDER – $4000

Applicants can forward an initial application, after the assessment of which, applicants will be notified and will be given a subsequent application form. To be eligible, for consideration, applicants must satisfy a range of criteria, such as the following

  • engaged in a purposeful project, as decided by The GLOCAL committee
  • affiliated with a legitimate body (academic or otherwise)
  • affiliation of the institution to The GLOCAL
  • other criteria

Please access the following link and submit an initial summarized application.

Contact GLOCAL