General Meetings and Conferences

GLOCAL General Conferences and Meetings present scholars who seek to exhibit their scholarship in Linguistic Anthropology, Sociolinguistics, and Language and Society, as well as pertinent fields such as Critical Theory, Sociology, Cultural Anthropology, and so forth. These scholars operate in current academic contexts, and all work towards a common aim, that is, developing their work in Linguistic Anthropology and pertinent fields in a critical sense to better the world.

The GLOCAL general conferences and meetings invite a very eclectic group of scholars. These individuals include prominent scholars in the range of relevant fields, recipients of awards, those working in global academic contexts, researchers, government and non government workers, and general independent researchers. As such, The GLOCAL is the centre for global networks in Linguistic Anthropology and pertinent fields. The GLOCAL’s General Meetings and Conferences opportune attendees to interact on their work by discussing and negotiating aspects of their work, and by locating ways in which they can resolve current problems in Linguistic Anthropology, Ethnography, Language and Society, Sociolinguistics, and so forth. Initial GLOCAL General Meetings and Conferences were exploratory in the structural sense, that is, they sought to understand how such a body can evolve, rather than inviting scholars to preset their work.

Participants at these meetings witnessed the genesis of ideas in developing a global network and council for Linguistic Anthropology. These meetings had the intention of building a Social Science that would ground new ways of seeing or thinking about Linguistic Anthropology and its pertinent fields. The locations of GLOCAL General Meetings and Conferences have been global. However, in the current era, these are occurring increasingly online. Unlike its specific annual conferences, the General Meetings and Conferences require that its attendees gather to discuss general issues with regards to GLOCAL development, and the development of work, rather than research strategies and data specific to respective parts of the world, the intentions of annual conferences. GLOCAL General Meetings and Conferences occur every six months or so.