Extrapolating from both Academic Training and Capacity building, The GLOCAL in Society endeavor works at multiple levels, to effect societal change. The main framework of the project is as follows:

  1. To approach respective communities globally, to align societal need with cultural affordance, and to consequently develop sustainable projects.
  2. To draw resources from the projects and to reinvest these back into the communities, in line with these projects, where skilled personnel.
  3. Throughout development, local cultural models are studied and incorporated into the project, into training, and into meta-developmental awareness.
  4. To develop policy to protect local intellectual property, and the development of training through monitoring. The training and development must ensure that all vital resources are returned to the community.


  1. GLOFAL Global Fashion through Cultural heritage training, Kenya, Indonesia, Moldova, and other regions
  2. Majeeek – Cultural Chaperoning, Indonesia
  3. Ethnotraining – Training in Ethnography, Global
  4. South Korean Cultural Transition, South Korea
  5. Tan Nguyen University Social Integration, Vietnam
  6. Ky Quang 2 Orphan outreach, Vietnam
  7. UNESCO Cultural Consultancy ASEAN, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand
  8. Malaysia-wide Academic training, Malaysia
  9. The DOCUMENT project, Global
  10. Aseer Orphanage Outreach, Saudi Arabia
  11. Chinese National Transnational Education Network, China
  12. The GLOBAL ethnography project, Global
  13. Order of Mother Theresa women’s training, Italy