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The Journal of the Anthropological society of Oxford (JASO) was originally launched in 1970 as a hard copy journal; it ceased publication in that form in publication year 2000 (actually in 2005). It was re-launched to coincide with the Centenary of the Oxford Anthropological Society in 2009. The new online journal, called JASO-Online, is a joint collaborative project between JASO, the Society, and the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography, which is hosting the website. It is intended to appeal to all branches of the School, staff and students alike. We hope it will be an active forum open to all for the discussion of anthropology and issues of interest to anthropologists.

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0044-8370 | E-ISSN 2040-1876
General Editor
  • Editor: Robert Parkin
  • Web Editor: David Zeitlyn
  • Reviews Editors: Emilia Antiglio