Accountability for GLOCAL media

The GLOCAL media are all produced and written in house. That is, The GLOCAL has media development teams  that design and develop the media. The media include

  • Publications
  • Videos
  • Informatics
  • Text documents
  • Interactive applications
  • Conference and other item descriptors

All GLOCAL media is original and copyright protected, unless otherwise stated. The media at The GLOCAL has been produced over many years, and with many informants, amounting to tens of thousands of files. These are all accessible to affiliates and members. However, a select few are available by non members also, though these are generally for purposes describing the GLOCAL items.

Significantly, all GLOCAL MEDIA is at no cost to any individual or body affiliating to The GLOCAL. Once affiliated, all media then becomes accessible to the individual, or to all individuals within the organization affiliated to The GLOCAL.