The annual Conference on Asian Linguistic Anthropology has become the global focus for Asian Linguistic Anthropology and Sociolinguistics, through its commitment to its networks, and to bodies globally working on Asian contexts. The annual conference has been held for close to ten years, garnering scholars the world over. Each GLOCAL CALA conference accommodates several hundred presenters, roundtables, booths and displays, cultural performances, workshops, keynote talks by prominent scholars, anthropological excursions, and other categories. The CALA collaborates with a new university annually to host each conference. The previous hosts and other information are available on the GLOCAL website.


The GLOCAL CALA will substantially increase its number of affiliated bodies in Asia, North America, Europe, and elsewhere. The CALA will expand the quality of conference publications and its conference scope, through a greater number of conference subcategories, and more diversified and higher quality workshops on methodology, fieldwork, and so forth. This will result in the conferences catering to increasingly diverse audiences, not least of which are students, thus developing opportunities for greater engagement within and outside of the conferences. The CALA intends to collaborate and better integrate with bodies outside of academia, thus forging stronger connectivity between academia and society, such as through industry relations, to raise the quality of Asian scholarship, to connect Asian scholars and Linguistic and Cultural experts with academia globally, and to increasingly facilitate the exchange of data across these borders.

In General

The SOAS GLOCAL includes the following sections at each conference

  • General Paper Presentations
  • Colloquium Sessions
  • Poster Presentations
  • Methodology / Analysis Workshops
  • Talks
  • Keynotes
  • Anthropology Excusrions
  • Cultural Performances
  • Anthropology Exhibitions
  • Displays
  • Proceedings Publication (SCOPUS / ISI (WoS) Indexed
  • Special Issue