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Nguyen Duc Thang (Thai Nguyen University)
Abstract ID: 101
Topic: Linguistic Anthropology
General Session Papers
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Culture and folk arts play a highly significant role in ethnic people’s culture. This role includes that the culture is passed on from generation to generation through all periods, and that the culture adapts to progressive lifestyles, in all their entirety.

This paper investigates that Tay Puppetry represents a unique and featured type of folk art of the Tay people in the Tham Roc Village, in the Binh Yen Commune, in the Dinh Hoa District, in Vietnam. This 200 year traditional art has been passed on until now, and has been imbued with national identity, thus embodying the general and unique characteristics of the Tay people.

The paper discusses that Tay Tham Roc puppetry is considered as a typical type of folk art of the Tay people in Northern mountainous provinces in general, and in the Dinh Hoa District in particular. The paper discusses the origin of this art form, and its eminence from the Ma Quang family in the Tham Roc Village, Binh Ten Commune, Dinh Hoa, Thai Nguyen. Here, the Ma Quang family indicates that it has preserved the art of puppetry throughout the past 200 years, and through 13 generations. At present, Tham Roc puppetry is still being promoted as a unique aspect of cultural heritage for the locality.

Keywords: Culture, Performances, Folk art, Representation