Item Income Expense
Registrations 27,940
PUC Contributions 6,050
Wenner-Gren Foundation 19,650
Japan Foundation 14,608
CALA Seeding funds 63,362
Sponsoring participants (travelling and accommodation) 26,970
Conference package (rooms, reception, technical stuffs, souvenirs) 20,660
Food and drink (gala dinner, cultural performance) 6,600
Supplies (printing, misc., conference bags, name tags, banners, posters) 2,095
Support travelling (bus fare volunteers, MCs and local staff, petrol) 440
Expenses for speakers (travelling, supports, tours, sleeping rooms) 13,600
Personnel 31,625
Other directed costs (miscellaneous) 4,620
Advertising and Promotion 10,000
Funds for Publication 15,000
Total 131,610 131,610

* CALA ensures that all money attained is redirected to its academic networks and academics, in the aim of contributing to the field of Asian Linguistic Anthropology.