Peter Austin

SOAS University

Professor Peter Austin has long evidenced his mastery of global linguistic areas, by pursuing a global spectrum of work in the scholarship of linguistics. His work represents a finely balanced mixing of theory and praxis in many areas, including language documentation. He has dedicated his life to teaching in directions such as Descriptive and Theoretical linguistics, Advanced Syntax, and Historical Linguistics. His interactions with academics and students alike span the whole globe.

Mie Hiramoto

National University of Singapore

The work of Professor Mie Hiramoto is central to modern and diversified Linguistic Anthropology. Her work has caught global attention, as she concerns herself with Language, Gender, and Sexuality, with focus on Identity construction in scripted speech, in areas such as Anime, Movie translations, and Comedy performances. However, her work extends well past this, to language in media and colloquial hybrids of language, where her work significantly focuses on contact linguistics.