The Conference on Asian Linguistic Anthropology 2020, The second CALA (2), at the Universiti Putra Malaysia, Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia, symbolizes a significant leap forward for Linguistic Anthropology, from the previous highly successfully attended CALA 2019, to further problematize current perspectives and praxis in the field of Asian Languages, Linguistics, and Society.

Conceptualized close to a decade ago, the CALA 2020, as with the CALA 2019, responds to concerns by those within Linguistics, Anthropology, Sociolinguistics, Sociology, Cultural studies, and Linguistic Anthropology, pertinent to Asia. The CALA 2019 significantly reduced the gap between focus on Asian regions and work by Asian academics, largely contributable to issues of funding and expertise.The CALA 2020 will extend on these efforts, as it aims to further extend the global networks of Asian Linguistic Anthropology, connecting Asian with Western Universities and their academics. All papers and their authors will be SCOPUS indexed, and all papers will be subsequently channeled to Top Tier Journal Publication Special Issues and Monographs.

The CALA 2021 will increasingly opportune academics to exchange knowledge, expertise, and valuable Linguistic and Anthropological Data across the world, through the interpersonal and inter-institutional networks the CALA conferences build. To ground these efforts, the Conference, with The University of The Philippines Diliman,at the centre, with major University Partners SOAS, The School of Oriental and African Studies, at The University of London, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, and with major Publishing partner Taylor and Francis Global Publishers, will network a growing number of institutions globally, to support this much needed Asian yet fully global project.

The theme for the CALA 2021 is Symbol and New Society, a theme pertinent to the current state of many Asian regions and countries vis-a-vis their global analogues.

The University of The Philippines Diliman, hosting the CALA in 2021 in Diliman, The Philippines, constitutes one of an interchanging series of annual hosts, and in this way, the CALA global network expands to involve institutions worldwide.

We thus welcome you to the CALA 2020, the Second Annual Conference on Asian Linguistic Anthropology, and to the CALA in general.

Professor Jem Javier


Conference on Asian Linguistic Anthropology, The CALA 2021
Head, Department of Linguistics
School of Philosophy and Social Sciences
University of The Philippines Diliman