Assimilation and Nationalism in Literary Chine in Indonesia

Author: Mardi Adi Armin (Hasanuddin University)
Speaker: Mardi Adi Armin
Topic: Language majorities and minorities
The (SCOPUS / ISI) SOAS GLOCAL CALA 2019 General Session


The languages and the literatures of Chine as a Chine ethnic in Indonesia are a minority. In fact, in the New Order regime, Han script is prohibited. The expression space of Chine writers are limited. The Chine language newspaper contains nothing unless there emerge worlds of condolences among the Chine people. The intervention of Chine politics should not emerge in the news. Should this occur, the contribution of the writer and Chine citizens in the movement for Indonesian independence are very important. The Indonesia Raya anthem was composed initally with the assistance of Chine citizens. These literary works were born during the revolution, containing a high spirit of nationalism. After the reform, the state began to change, and Chine writers were given an opportunity to create. However. theirs works contained social critique, and political turbulence in the transition of reform.

This Colloquium discusses that recently, the development of contemporary Chine literature after Reform in Indonesia can not be separated from names like Ming Fang, Jeanne, Medy Loekito, or Wilson Tjandinagara. These individuals are actively integrating a literary dynamic in many works, such seminar, various media, and forums. The Colloquium also discusses that poets Wilson and Medy were involved in protesting of the struggle during social politic catastrophes during the fall of Indonesian regime.

Keywords: Chine, Indonesia, Minority ethnicities, Cultural Reform, Languages, Literatures