Ethnic Minority Languages in Communication Activities in Vietnam (A Case Study of Ja Rai Language in Gia Lai Province, Vietnam)

Author: Cao Thi Hao, Dao Thuy Nguyen (Thai Nguyen University of Education)
Speaker: Cao Thi Hao, Dao Thuy Nguyen
Topic: Language minorities and majorities
The (SCOPUS / ISI) SOAS GLOCAL CALA 2019 General Session


In Vietnam, ethnic minority communication is not only a tool for social management, a bridge of social interaction but also an important role in the preservation of language and culture of ethnic minorities. In fact, the use of ethnic minority languages ​​in communication activities is addressed in 12 languages ​​in five regions: North West, Viet Bac, South West, The Central Highlands and Central Vietnam, with the main types: television; broadcasting; radio broadcasting; books and newspapers. This article aims to identify the actual use of language in the media (primarily television and radio) in Vietnam today and the issues are addressed to improve the quality of communication activities by language of ethnic minorities, with evidence in the case of Ja rai language. 2. The paper focuses on understanding Ja rai language in the media for the community of Ja rai in Gia Lai province of Vietnam. The main methodologies in this paper are fieldwork, survey, description and comparison. In this paper, we also noted the local people’s receptive competency, attitudes and expectations towards communication in their mother tongue. The paper also deals with the specific factors that influence the receptive competency of native speakers in different communities, such as economic, cultural and psychosocial circumstances; types of language, scripts, literary languages ​​and bilingual status. 3. Based on the research results, we propose some suggestions to improve the use of ethnic minority languages effectively ​​in Vietnam in the media based on the actual analysis in the case of Ja rai language in Gia Lai province of Vietnam. The main recommendations are language policy for communication and organization of using communication in Ja rai language in Gia Lai province; linguistic issues (“standardization” of language and writing); studying and compiling books for communication, preserving cultural characteristics of language and community life of the Ja rai people.


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Keywords: Linguistics, Ethnic Minority Languages, Culture, Ethnic minority