Challenges and Resources in Enhancing English Teachers’ Proficiency

Author: Anita Lie (Widya Mandala Catholic University)
Fransiskus Jemadi (STKIP St. Paulus)
Trianawaty Lie (Widya Mandala Catholic University)
Speaker: Anita Lie, Fransiskus Jemadi, Trianawaty Lie
Topic: Language pedagogies
The (SCOPUS / ISI) SOAS GLOCAL CALA 2019 General Session


This study addresses the conflicting views of the role of English as a means of global communication. Responding to the growing need to foster communicative abilities in English, schools in Indonesia are driven to make their students proficient in English. However, the majority of English teachers themselves might not be adequately prepared to use English as a means of communication; improving their English proficiency and the willingness to communicate in English (Clement, 2003) has thus become a matter of concern amidst the prevailing resistance to English as the language of the imperialist. The present study focuses on teachers’ English proficiency, which has been recognized as an important qualification for successful English teaching. Thirty secondary school teachers of English who were participating in an in-service professional development program were asked to self-assess their English proficiencies based on the ACTFL guidelines as well as to identify their challenges and resources.

The teachers assessed their proficiencies in interpersonal communication, presentational speaking, presentational writing, interpretive listening, and interpretive reading. The study also conducted in-depth interviews of selected teachers. This study found that teachers strive to build up their willingness to communicate in English despite the challenges and still grapple to improve their proficiency. They employ various resources to overcome the prevailing challenges.

Keywords: Continuing professional development; English teachers; proficiency; challenges; resources